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Friday, December 31, 2010

King Bees

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A couple from Slim Harpo:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tires are spinning but the vehicle just won't go!

Funny bench- Rail cop stopped across the rails so I backed up unsure if I was leaving to get some coffee and then come back or just getting clearly off the rail property. When I stopped and tried to go forward again my tires just spun...spun...spun. Majorly stuck. After a bunch of rocking and pushing by my fellow bencher we got it to move up a foot- but only to get stuck there. The rail cop at this point had clearly called the local police to check me out so a patrol car pulled back where we were and just looked us up and down and then went and parked around the corner(Felt a bit like this.) I wasn't riding dirty, but there may have been insurance issues or some sort of missed court date that I might have been worrying about...and I was still stuck! Called in another buddy and waited for him to show up. Luckily another sweet line came through so we had something to focus on, but I didn't get my camera out. Any ways... the other doug shows up with a shovel and everything. We push it back but I get stuck like 5 or 6 more times before getting to solid ground. Then the cop just cruises by. Looks us up and down again and he's off. Reparked and caught the next line.
Big thanks to my pushing homies. I'll get some sandbags asap. Oh, and update the insurance.

Bench Report:

Watch all the benchers come out after the train goes by...